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The Science of Tea is more of a concept. It is the idea of taking activities that have gone mundane into activities that have done awe inspiring. Even if you're not into "science", we're all scientists, right? We all experiment with trial and error and observe and over time see patterns to develop theories and form conclusions. We all lived life in awe at times and times when the awe fades to familiar.

We say never pour hot water over a generic tea bag ever again, rather observe your tea. You never know where your observations can take you in this ever-expanding universe of tea.

What is tea? Where does it come from? What is a tea tree composed of that is different than other plant life to steep in water for drink? What other plants are used to soak for drink? When did our ancestors begin pouring water over tea leaves? What is water exactly? Why does water have this affect on plant life? Why does hot water have a different affect than cold water? What temperature should the water be for the best result? What kind of teas are known to exist? What teas are most popular? Why?

What questions do you have?

We'd love to hear from you. Please email observeyourtea@gmail.com.


Join us, as we discover tea and how much it is connected to a human way of life and to the cosmos and beyond. 


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