The Components

Sure you can wake up and as your yawning with your eyes still partially closed you can make yourself a cup of tea for some immediate refreshment to start your day. Or get mindful with it. Prepare your station. Think about your approach. Maybe write down your process step by step. See where your inquisitive mind takes you in that moment.

You will need:

  1. 1-2 teaspoons of tea
  2. A "Tea" Spoon
  3. Tea Bag or Infuser
  4. Liquid Water
  5. Heating Source
  6. Kettle or Heating Container
  7. Drinking Container
  8. Notebook and Writing Utensil
  9. Thermometer
  10. Clock
  11. Curiosity mixed with Safety
  12. At least 15 minutes

 Science of Tea Components

  • Gather necessary items.
  • Devise a plan.
  • Execute plan.
    • What do you see?
    • What do you smell?
    • What does it feel like to the touch?
    • What does it taste like after 4 minutes of steeping vs 6 minutes?
    • What does it make you think of?
  • Review results.
  • Plan next session.


Are you curious about the fruity flavors in the Winterberry Champagne and want to learn more about these fruits and where they came from and how they grow?

Do you want to jump right into photosynthesis and imagine how beams of light take an 8 minute ride to reach the leaves of the tea tree?

Or are you into fine dining and love pairing the perfect tea with the perfect scone? 


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