Welcome to the Science of Tea!


If you look, science is everywhere, especially in your kitchen. Having a sip of tea is so much more than just that. Think about the journey of those tea leaves through time and distance. When the sun shines in your window, did you know that like took an 8 minute trip to reach you? Go deeper into everything. Pouring hot water over a generic tea bag can be no more. Hence, the Science of Tea

Many kitchens have become classrooms. Why not take tea as an example to integrate many educational subjects: the universe, the sun and plant growth, brewing techniques, mathematics, history, business and trade.

We're not actual scientists, but we love learning new things and admire those who have taken their brilliant scientific minds to make the world a better place. And who doesn't love tea? Have you ever thought about your tea? Now you can with the Science of Tea.

We are based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Earth, Milkyway. (Sorry PA residents, there's that 6% sales tax). Join the ever expanding universe of tea and knowledge and observe your tea. We'd love to see your "experiments" and "analyses". Feel free to send us your "tea-sis" at observeyourtea@gmail.com.

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Science of Tea is new. We have big ideas, but we're starting small. Every purchase supports the next science enthusiast! Be sure to check out our GoFundMe page to support the effort.